The African Youth are ready to take control of Africa

The youth of Africa can do for themselves what they expecting others to do for them if only they know they are their own savior.

Every African knows this chicken engineering concept and it is a common practice in our African society.

When you take the chicken to a new home (and you wish to keep it there), all that you have to do is to fix a rope on its leg to station it in the house for 3 days. Within this 3 days, just feed it well and release it after the 3rd day.

The chicken has found a new home, it will not think that the new world it finds itself is not where it belongs, it will also not think about going to sleep in its old home even if it is the next door.

Just like how effective the chicken engineering process is, the human engineering processes which black people went through for 400 years has been so effective that, majority of our people at all levels cannot even think that we are finding ourselves in a new world where we do not belong. They are also not thinking of any means to rediscover themselves or return to their original origin.

However, these days are witnessing mass awakening among the African population. The youth of Africa are now up and ready to do for themselves, what the previous generation was expecting others to do for them. This gives us hope that Africa shall soon rise up and take her rightful position in the global commentary of respect and self-fulfilling.

Under the leadership of Professor Akuhmbom Mac Anthonyhich, the Pan African Freedom Movement  is bring the youth of Africa together under an umbrella of Action. We are organising more than 1,000,000 active members across Africa to bring changes to our society.

Yes, the African youth are ready to control Africa. If you are interested and ready for action beyond the regular talking just Register here and become an active member of this global movement for action.

The African problem is too Big this requires the effort of every African. No one should expect an action from the next person. Let us come together with our efforts and bring the change we want to see in Africa.

You can also join our Facebook family share this to help up reach the mobilization target.


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