I have no interest in seeking a 3rd term: Uhuru debunks rumors

President Uhuru Kenyatta says he is not interested in clinging to power after 2022

Speaking during a live discussion with a US-based Think Tank- Atlantic Council- the President downplayed claims that the looming referendum would see him seek another term in office.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has promised to respect his constitutional 2-term presidential limit when it expires in 2022.

“Constitutions are not set in stone, it is unfortunate that some people want to misinterpret the referendum to mean that certain individuals want to extend their time in office, that will not happen,” President Uhuru explained.

At the same time, President Uhuru rubbished claims that would seek to be appointed Kenya’s next Prime Minister when his term as president expired.

“I have no clue if there is going to be a premiership in the Constitution, You see, these are the questions that people are now posing. I gave you a very clear synopsis of the areas where people are interested in. They are interested in the value of their vote, they are interested in the distribution of resources, and they are interested in inclusivity in government,” he explained.

During the 57th Madaraka Day celebrations, President Uhuru hinted that a referendum was in the works to right “what we got wrong in 2010”.

The referendum which is tied to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), the president noted, would seek to end Kenya’s cycle of post-election violence.


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