Is Religion a Problem to Africa’s Development? –Kwadwo Agyei Yeboah

Very often, the simple question that many Africans and people of African descent ask me whenever I point out that religion is one of the main, and possibly, the most significant of the many factors undermining Africa’s development is: ‘how is religion a problem to Africa’s development?’ Such people normally caution me to focus on other factors such as economic mismanagement, corruption, political instability, and other imbalances which are common on the continent and, hence, leave out religion.

As I have always said, the system that drives Africa in stagnation and in retarding motion is not made of one component but of several interrelated and complementing components. Hence, it is important to deal will all of these components if we sincerely wish to have any significant change to the system. This is the reason why I will continue to educate the masses of Africa on all the components of the system that I observe to be a problem for our society.

In this piece, I have pointed out some few critical points that will help many to understand how the foreign religions which were forcefully imposed on the African society many years ago are still contributing to the underdevelopment of our continent.

When my good friend and a colleague who happens to be a Wall Street investment banker told me about the situation, I began to get worried.

-Each Monday, a day after Sunday Church, nearly a billion dollar is transferred from Africa to Europe and the US into the bank accounts of various churches on the Continent. Leading by Nigeria, and followed by his brothers and sisters like South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda, almost every church on the Continent has a foreign bank account which the church seeks to fill it up in one of the most competitive manner.

These huge sums of monies are collected by the churches in the local currencies and then put them on the financial market to exchange for dollars and Euros. The result of this, among many others negative effects, is to cause continuous inflation on the local currencies.

Yes, the church possibly puts more pressure on our local currencies than any single institution on our continent. Indeed, the church is one main reason why you continue to lose value on your local investment and local savings. Yes, the church is one of the many reasons why many of our youth are unemployed I have explained this in detail as you read further.

If the church puts these huge sums of money they collect from tithes and offerings back in our local banks and in our local investment market, and do not send them abroad to boost the economies of the colonizers’ economy, then there will be more money on our financial market for local entrepreneurs and investors to access. Sadly, this is not so.

What is scarier is the fact that the Governments across the continent are fully aware of this situation. They know how this is negatively affecting the African economy and our development yet, they cannot say anything about the situation because the churches are needed to create the unthinking society for easy governance and manipulations by these governments.

The Jesus business is really profitable for few but indeed it is hurting many individuals and societies. Yes, church owners are great entrepreneurs, they are smart people, and above all they are great strategists.

They know how profitable the church industry is in Africa so instead of building factories for you to come and work so they pay for your welfare and also pay taxes to the government, they rather will build churches as a more economically viable alternative.

With the church, they will get people to work for them for free, the same people who are working freely for these church entrepreneurs will again pay them in a form of offering and tithe. They will pay no tax on the profit they make from this church bossiness to the states they are operating and they will not be subjected to any form of auditing or accountability.

As smart entrepreneurs, church owners will always stay in the business that will offer them the highest margins of profit.

If the above statements sound true to you, then, you can contribute to turning these churches into actual factories where you can get employed and get paid for your efforts. This is simple, think about opening your eye for a moment.

Once you become enlightened and the church business becomes less and less profitable, these smart entrepreneurs with move into new ventures, by tuning this church structures into production factories and other profitable business companies where you can also receive your daily bread.

As long as you stay blind, and continue to make the church business a more profitable business to these smart entrepreneurs, you will continue to go to pray for employment in these buildings that actually supposed to employ you.

I am Kwadwo Agyei Yeboah and I love Africa. Connect with me on Facebook, let us talk about Africa.


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