The African Child: The Reason My Heart Never Rests!

I am born with huge potentials, but into a continent that was directly colonized and exploited to its total destruction for over 400 year period.

Within this period, the colonizers took away not only the natural resource deposits which I am naturally gifted, but also, they took away with them, the most endowed able men and women who were to contribute to the building of the ‘brighter-day’ I am supposed to be enjoying today.

They systematically destroyed the mentality of the people they left behind in my motherland into a state of constant self-hate, over-dependence, and inferiority complex.

They intentionally created animosity among tribes and people of different potentials so they never come together to use their diverse talents to build the motherland.

They took away our language, our beliefs, our knowledge, and everything that I would have counted on to develop my full potentials as a human being.

They accepted to leave my land only after they have trained and indoctrinated some sections of my society into a representative class to represent their interests and continue to rape the continent on their behalf.

They only left after they have distorted historical records and instituted a system to miseducation me.

I will soon grow up and start to schooling, and nothing of my truth past will be told to me, but only to tell me to blame myself and my people for all the negatives in my society.

I will be taught to insult my fathers for not being able to repair/fix, in 60 years, what the colonizers used 400 years to destroy. I will be taught to hate myself and my people and show the deepest love to my colonizers.

I will be taught to stand up with passion without any shame of myself and defend the colonizers who raped my mother and my sister; the colonizers who killed my father and my brother for their inhuman act!

I am the African Child and I demand an end to my miseducating.

It is a new dawn of awakening for all African children. We have a duty to come together, love one another, and build our commmon future together.

You are an African child, stay awake because you have no friend!

-My name is Kwadwo Agyei Yeboah and I love Africa! You can always connect with me on Facebook to talk about Africa!


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